How to Buy the Best Hairdryer in 2014

How to Buy the Best Hairdryer in 2014

Marilyn Monroe declared that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we reckon a hairdryer is a close second. A blow dryer can transform your hair from damp and dishevelled to full-bodied and fabulous, which is why getting the right hairdryer is so important.

There are so many on the market this year, all declaring to do magical things to your hair using terms that you’ve never heard before, such as ionic, ceramic and tourmaline. But don’t worry; we’ve broken down hairdryer buying basics so you can get the perfect hairdryer for 2014.

We’ve included everything from reading hair dryer reviews to tackling that technology talk.

Hair dryer Reviews

Reading reviews is possibly the most important tip that we can offer; even if you’ve got some idea of the hairdryer you need, you need to read a review to find out if it’s harbouring a terrible malfunction. Hairdryer reviews can be found on most ecommerce websites, as well as dedicated review websites, such as Which?.

Make sure to read a broad range of reviews to get an objective overview of the hairdryer, or dryers, that you’re looking at.

hair dryer reviews


You’ll be holding your hairdryer above your head and usually at an awkward angle, so you need it to be as comfortable as possible. Look for lighter weight machines that are easy to hold and wield. This will save you arm ache.


Hairdryers in 2014 come with lots of different technologies. The ones you need depend on your hair type and the styles you want to create. We’ve explained the terms below so you can break through the jargon and find out what best suits you. Parlux hair dryer is one the best hair dryers that offers different type of blow dry but lets take a look at the different types.

  • Ionic – An ionic hairdryer will produce negatively charged ions which help keep hair strands smooth and shiny. It does this by reducing the size of the water droplets and helping the hair absorb the water so that it remains conditioned, instead of drying it out. It’s especially good if you have frizzy or fly-away hair.
  • Ceramic – A hairdryer with ceramic properties ensures that the hair is dried evenly. It will have ceramic heating elements which won’t burn the hair but dry it gently. This is especially good if you will be using your hairdryer regularly as it will stop it causing consistent damage.


  • Tourmaline – Similar to an ionic hairdryer, tourmaline coated hairdryers produce negative ions which dry hair quickly and evenly. It also helps close the cuticles on the hair shaft so they are smooth and retain moisture.


As with technology, hairdryers also come with a number of attachments that can be confusing. Again, it depends on your hair type and the style you want to create. Here are a few common attachments and their uses.

hair dryer reviews

  • Diffuser – This is ideal for people with curly hair or people who will be curling their hair a lot. It helps widen the area of the heat and disperse the air flow so that concentrated heat doesn’t damage curly hair. It also helps define and lift curls, providing body and volume.
  • Pick – This will be an attachment shaped like a comb or with several prongs. A pick is designed to add volume to flat hair and is designed to be used at the roots. It’s great if you have thin or flat hair.
  • Concentrator – One of the most common attachments, this is designed to direct the airflow onto a specific part of the hair. It’s usually used when drying hair straight and smooth and works well with a round dryer reviews

Cool Air

An important feature to look for on a modern hairdryer is a cool air mode. Cold air is ideal for setting styles and applying shine to the hair as it flattens the cuticles. Ensure you get a best hair dryer with a cool button so you can complete your hair do.

Top Hairstyles for 2014

Top Hairstyles for 2014

The New Year sees an array of new and different hairstyles become popular. With celebrities like Beyonce and Miley Cyrus leading the style stakes, several people are opting to cut their hair to look like their idols. 2014 sees an array of styles that have a fresh, modern touch, while there are also a few old favorites that never go out of style. Check out our top hairstyles for 2014 below and get planning your new do.

Long Bob

Think Jennifer Anniston or Beyonce in her music video for Drunk In Love. The long bob usually sits just below chin length and is a great style for any face shape. Beyonce is especially popularising the graduated long bob; this is shorter at the back and longer at the front, which adds a bit more interest and volume to the style. It’s also a great cut for if you’re trying to grow out a shorter style.


Ombre hair has been popular for

ombre hair style

the last two years, but it’s not showing any sign of dying out with celebrities like Kylie Jenner sporting the look. Ombre, or dip-dyed hair as it’s sometimes called, sees the hair growing lighter towards the ends. The 2014 trend is for gradual lightening as opposed to a sudden change, this is a more natural look and is especially great in summer.

Low Ponytail

The Low ponytail is a very simple style that harks back to your school days when you’d tie it back and go. It’s been seen on a lot of catwalks an is an ideal style for showing off a stunning outfit, as it is pretty but not over the top. The 2014 low pony tail is loose and usually parted in the middle. You can take it from day to evening by pairing the look with a stunning pair of chandelier earrings.

Beach Waves

This is a classic look that comes round year after year and is especially great in the summer. Beach waves are loose and natural; the idea is to look as though you’ve just stepped out of the sea. You can get the look by loosely plaiting your hair in two braids before going to bed. Undo them in the morning and run your fingers through the waves. Add a really beachy look by spritzing the waves with some sea salt spray.


Whether you go for a pixie cut like Jennifer Lawrence, a close shave like Lupita Nyong’a or a punk cut like Miley Cyrus, short hair is a great style to sport in 2014. However, it’s a drastic change and only suits certain face shapes with delicate features. Yet, short hair can be really pretty and provide you with a totally new look, go for it if you’re feeling bold!

Delicate Florals

A lot of catwalk models and celebrities have been adding flowers to their hairstyles. But 2014 is not the time for big florals; instead, delicate flower clips and bands are being worn for a subtle ethereal look. They look best combined with half up dos and braided styles. It’s a chance to rock a festival look all year hair style

Side Braid

The easy side braid is making a comeback in 2014. To get the look, sweep your hair to one side then loosely plait it from the base of your neck. The style is supposed to be loose and messy, to look as though you just got out of bed. Unfortunately, this style only really works on long hair, but shorter haired women can complement the look by adding a small braid to one side of their down do.

Top Hair Care Tips for Women

Top 10 Hair Care Tips for Women

Keeping your hair in good condition and full of life may seem arduous and difficult, but it is actually very simple to get healthy hair by following a few easy steps. Check out our advice below and you’ll soon have shiny hair that’s full of body and health.

Dry Naturally

Heat can be very damaging to hair, and though it may be tempting to reach for your hairdryer every day it is best to let your hair dry naturally when you can. If you use hairdryers too much or too near your hair then you can end up burning the hair. Even if you don’t go that far, constant blasting with a hairdryer can cause hair to become dry and frizzy. Let your hair dry naturally a few times a week to give it a break from heat damage.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

You may think that you need to wash your hair as often as possible in order to keep it clean, but actually washing it every day can damage hair. The hair follicles produce natural oils to keep the strands in good condition, if you wash your hair too often then you can wash away the oil, causing the hair to dry out. It’s suggested that you wash your hair at least every other day, preferably every three days to keep it in top condition.

Use the Right Shampoo

There are many different types of hair; oily, dry, curly, flyaway. Not ever shampoo suits each kind of hair. If you have dry or frizzy hair then you will need to leave a conditioning shampoo, but this would be XXX on oily hair as it can make it even more greasy. Make sure you purchase a shampoo that is right for your hair type, they all describe the hair type on the bottle.


Conditioning your hair is very important, even if you have oily hair. Conditioner helps strengthen the hair and protect it from damage. However, it’s even more important to apply conditioner in the right way. Never add it to the roots, as this is where oil is produced and it will make it even more greasy. Instead, apply conditioner from the mid-lengths of the hair through to the ends then comb it through with a wide toothed comb. Leave it to work for a couple of minutes then rinse it out thoroughly. This should leave you with strong, shiny hair.conditioner

Get your Hair Cut Regularly

Even if you are trying to grow your hair out, it is important to get it trimmed regularly to get rid of the split ends. This keeps the hair healthy and strong as it does not have dead weight holding it down. A regular hair cutting schedule is every six to eight weeks, depending on the speed your hair grows.

hair cut

Get your Vitamins

You don’t just have to do external things to keep your hair healthy; what you take in to your body helps keep hair luxurious too. It’s especially important to get plenty of vitamins as these help to keep your hair strong and healthy. Vitamin C and A are particularly good for hair, C is in most citrus fruits and spinach and A is Sweet potatoes and eggs. Alternatively, you can take vitamin supplements to ensure you get the right amount.


As well as vitamins, protein is also very good for hair health. It helps strengthen hair and can even help it grow faster. Make sure you eat protein-filled foods, such as eggs, meat and nuts.

Squeeze Hair Dry

Most of us are guilty of rubbing our hair dry with a towel once we’ve washed it, however, this can actually be bad for your hair. The rubbing motion can damage the cuticles and leave you with dry, frizzy hair. Instead, wrap your hair in a towel then gently squeeze it. Once the towel has soaked up the excess water you can comb through your hair and leave it to dry naturally.

Style Dry

Never style your hair with heating implements, such as hair straighteners, when it is still wet. The heat combined with the water can actually cause your hair to cook! Instead, wait until your hair is completely dry before styling it with hair straighteners, curling tongs or any other implements.

Keep your Hairdryer Moving

If you do dry your hair with a hairdryer then make sure you do it properly; always keep the nozzle of the dryer moving, if you concentrate it on one section of the hair then this can overheat it and cause damage. Keep the nozzle about six inches from the hair and keep it moving, this is not only safer for your hair but it will also ensure the air reaches all of your hair and dries quicker.

Top 10 Hair Care Tips For men

Women are not the only ones who want to keep their hair looking good and feeling healthy, men also need to keep on top of their hair maintenance routine, otherwise they could end up with damaged and dry hair. We’ve compiled the ten best tips for keeping men’s hair in tip top condition.

Massage Shampoo In

When applying shampoo, make sure you rub it in with your fingertips in a circular motion. Not only will this ensure the shampoo gets right to the roots, the massaging motion stimulates the blood flow in your scalp which helps hair growth. This will help you grow healthy

Air Dry

When possible, try and leave your hair to dry naturally in the air. Not only is this less damaging than blow or towel drying but it can also leave hair looking fuller.

Squeeze Dry

If you are towel drying your hair, make sure you don’t rub it. This can damage the cuticles on the hair strands, leaving hair dry and frizzy. Instead, wrap your hair in the towel then gently squeeze the hair dry. This will soak up the excess moisture without damaging the hair.

2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

A 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is a great option if you’re in a rush. It cleans and conditions your hair in one go and leaves it in good condition. However, certain types of hair don’t suit the 2-in-1 treatment; greasy hair should be shampooed and conditioned separately. This is because the large amount of conditioner will just make you roots greasier. Instead, only apply conditioner to the ends. Similarly, men with long hair should use separate products and only apply conditioner to the lengths and ends.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

You may think that you need to wash your hair each day in order to keep it in good condition. However, this can actually damage hair as you can wash away the natural oils that the scalp produces to keep the hair healthy. Instead, try washing it every other day or, if you can, every three days.

Comb When Wet

You may not realise, but if you use a brush on wet hair you can cause damage to it. The soft and close bristles can tear the damp hair and sometimes end up tangling it more. Instead, use a comb with wide-apart teeth to detangle wet hair.comb wet hair

Get Your Hair Cut Regularly

We’re all guilty of leaving our hair to get that little bit too long and tatty before we get it cut, but trimming it regularly can actually help it stay in good condition. By getting the split ends removed you are helping your hair to grow faster and produce healthy strands. Every six weeks is about average for the space between haircuts, but this can vary depending on how fast your hair grows.


Making sure you get your vitamins not only helps keep your body healthy but also your hair. Certain vitamins, such as vitamin A and E help keep your hair strong, shiny and can also aid in hair growth. Foods like eggs and sweet potatoes have vitamin A while spinach and nuts are high in vitamin E. Alternatively, you can take vitamin supplements to ensure you get your correct vitamin dosage.


Protein is not only good for building up muscle; it’s also really great for your hair. Protein helps hair stay strong and it repairs damaged cuticles and split ends. Make sure you eat protein as part of a balanced diet; foods such as eggs and nuts are high in it and are great for your overall health.protein3-COMP-1967190

Cold Water

We all love a warm shower, but hot water can actually leave hair looking dull and really hot water can cause the scalp to produce excess oil and make the hair greasy. To remedy this, finish your hair with a blast of cold water. This will not only leave your hair looking shiny but it is also better for your scalp.

How to Use a Hair Dryer

 Nearly everybody has a hair dryer, you may use yours religiously everyday or only pop it out when you need to blast your hair dry in a rush. It’s a great tool but, if used wrong, can cause considerable damage to your hair. Follow our tips to ensure you wield your hairdryer correctly and keep your hair in tip top condition.

Towel First

Always towel off your hair first before blow drying it. You don’t need to do it for too long, just enough so your hair isn’t dripping wet as otherwise it will take forever to dry. Also, don’t rub your hair too hard or you could damage it, instead, wrap it with the towel and squeeze gently to capture the excess moisture.Hair Dryer Reviews

Comb Through

Always comb your hair before drying it. It is easier to comb when wet, especially when used with leave-in conditioner or a detangling cream. If you don’t comb your hair then it will be much harder to brush afterwards and any knots will have been made worse by the heat.

Use a wide tooth comb to go through your hair, moving from the top upwards. Work through any knots before moving on to ensure your hair is tangle free.

Leave-in Conditioner

This is an optional choice but one that can help protect your hair. A leave-in conditioner or heat protection spray can be used on damp hair to help it retain moisture and defend it against heat damage. This is particularly helpful if you have dry or fly-away hair.

Section Hair

To get the best results, separate your hair into sections and dry each one at a time. This ensures you will dry all of your hair, not just the top layer, and it will dry faster. Depending on  the thickness or length of your hair, you’ll want anything from four to six sections. You can use clips to hold them out of the way if dryer

Heat Settings

Hairdryers usually have several different levels of heat for you to choose from. As heat can be damaging to hair, try and use the lowest one possible for your hair type. Thin hair can usually be sufficiently dried on the lowest heat setting, whereas people with thicker hair may have to crank the heat up a little.


Never hold the hairdryer nozzle really close to the hair; this can damage it and cause it to burn. It’s best to hold the hairdryer at a distance of around six to eight inches from your hair. This will allow the hot air to reach it and circulate throughout the dryers

Point Down

Always point the hairdryer nozzle downwards while holding it above the hair, instead of upwards while holding it below. This motion ensures that the hair cuticles are flattened, which provides shine to the hair.

Top to Bottom

Work from the roots downwards when blow drying your hair. If you do it the opposite way then moisture from the roots can work downwards and soak the already dried ends of the hair.

Keep Moving

Never hold the nozzle on the hairdryer on an area of hair for a long period of time, this can cause damage and burn the hair. Always keep the hairdryer moving, this allows the air to circulate and reach every strand, drying the hair faster and without damaging it.blow dryer

Cool Setting

Always finish blow drying you hair by providing it with a blast of cool air. Cold air smoothes the cuticles on the hair strands, leaving them smooth and shiny, plus it helps set the hairstyle in place. Most hairdryers come with a cool setting; you should consider investing in a hairdryer with a cool button if you don’t already have one.